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Discovery - Theme

The Theme of 2022: Discovery
Whether for the nature, territories, a region, other runners, our own strengths as well as sometimes also our own limits, our inner self and so much more, the ultratrail is certainly a world rich in discoveries.

Known for her uniqueness and sensitivity in combining the art of drawing and photography, the Charlevoix artist Karine Locatelli evokes in this 2022 piece of art the experience of discovering the wilderness of Charlevoix, the encounter with our inner wolf and the pack that accompanies him.

We notice the multiple fine cross-hatched lines, the delicacy of the colors, the softness of the tones. The combination is soothing, like what we might feel when surroundedby nature, perhaps even while running. We also feel the contemplation that the great outdoors so often provokes.

It’s beautiful, it’s deep and it’s an invitation to explore.