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Rite de passage

The concept of "rite de passage" was conceived and illustrated by artist Mireille St-Pierre, in collaboration with the co-founder of the Ultra-Trail Harricana, Geneviève Boivin. It proposes a composition of multiple forms and colors of a landscape reminiscent of the lively and unstructured nuances of the evolutionary and eventful passage of the rite. A sort of puzzle whose many pieces can be assembled according to the application, the visual is dynamic and slightly naive, in recognition of the burst and colored universe of childhood.

The "rite of passage" takes us back to the very beginning of the race, between the moment of discovery and pleasure of the aspiring runner and his or her evolution through a more structured process. It is a ritual that materializes through a series of significant events before celebrating the efforts. It also evokes the meeting of an amateur who wants to improve, go further, challenge himself and set new goals, with a professional or an experienced runner who seeks to give back to the next.